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Should I Just Tell Him To Move On? “Please Advice”



Please Advice






I met this guy two years ago in my during my national diploma.

We were in the same dept, but he’s a higher national diploma.

After having met coincidentally several times..we became friends.

We do chat on WhatsApp and all. After a few months, he asked me out but I had a bf then who was not in the same school as me.

I didn’t tell him I had a bf and I didn’t say yes or plan was just to get things from him and flee….and I did.

Along the line he found out I had a bf and told me he was really hurt.

But then we remain friends, and he told me when I am ready to quit loving worldly things he’s waiting… said he will always put me in prayer to change.

After a while, I had issues with my bf, and we broke up.

I went for another guy again not him.

After I completed my OND, I broke up with him too… my life was complicated then as an unbeliever.

My so-called friend still calls, and we still chat…and he told me he knew about the other guy I dated, but he still hopes and is praying (he is a serious Christian)for me to change my ways.

He said he has done those things before and it’s all vain.

A few months ago I traveled to my uncle’s place who is a pastor, I got converted there and now a believer.

I don’t do those past things anymore…

When I told him(friend) that I got converted, he said he was happy, and he is still waiting if I am ready for him.

He told me this last week and I told him I have to pray about it since that’s how they do in my church…

He advised and gave me time to pray and fast about it….

I like him but not to the extent of love, maybe not yet…

But the problem now is I feel guilty about what I did to him in the past…and I don’t even know if I should pray about it or just tell him to move on.

He has been so nice to me despite all

What if he’s waiting to pay me back with what I did to him.

I am so confused.

Please Advice


Please: I am 23 and he’s 27 years

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